Monday, October 15, 2007

Nothing much... What's up with you?

When have work you don’t want to do, when you’re too busy to have fun, when you’re somehow free and find that everyone else you want to be with is busy, when you do have fun despite the work and then feel guilty and rushed, you feel sick of it all. College gets to you; the hustle, the work, the seriousness of it all, the constant reminder that everything you do, every test and every outing, will affect your future and make you feel a sense of foreboding, this place definitely gets to you. When you’re forced to be nice to people you don’t like, when people you do like irritate you, when you see too much of people that it makes you just want to take a break from your very existence… Where do you go? To whom do you turn? Three and a half more years to spend here just seems like an eternity to spend in this place following this very same routine, but then again you don’t want to fast forward to when you have to be even more responsible and have a job, you don’t want to rewind to before you came to college because that seems like a whole past life. When you feel like doing nothing but sleep and be by yourself but even that’s not fun anymore, you just sigh and wonder what on earth is happening to you…. What do you do?

Me? I just want a world that has a comfortable bed and air conditioning. And unlimited chocolates and pizzas. And a huge library. No one would make you work, no one would impose their company on you, and no one would make you feel like you’re imposing your company on them, people you love wouldn’t get on your nerves, and you wouldn’t get on theirs, and you could just get away from it all. FROM IT ALL! And that is what's up. How about you?