Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday, after like a zillion years, I saw a whole match of cricket. And what a match it was! Imagine 400 people crowded into one large room, all light blocked, with whistles in hand, Indian flags painted on every alternate face. A crowd that screams with every run made by us, boos every run made by Pakistan, cheers to the high heavens for every wicket taken by us! Shrieking with joy and hugging each other after the thrilling brilliant victory, standing on chairs and whooping after it's done, bursting bombs to celebrate. One entity.

I love college.


Da Rodent said...

:D you forgot to mention the size of that damn tv.

another brick in the wall said...

i wanna be in a hostel :(

raghu said...

hahah.. apun bhi dekha.. soo many abuses.. na?
every alternate guy is abusing pakistanis n sometimes bhajji 4 droppin catches n givin away 50 sixes..hahah!
ya its as good as watchin it live in a stadium..ive done both..its real fun :D:D