Friday, September 07, 2007


I've always been one to build stories in my head, make up circumstances and situations that I wish would happen or that I wouldn't in reality, but I wouldn't mind dreaming about.

Why do I think people make up stories? To feel something... Something you want to live over and over again, something you can't live out in reality, something you wish would happen, something that never will... It's for feeling awe, love, humour, thrill, adventure, anything!

To live through dreams makes life interesting. To build worlds in your head makes life more colourful. The ending just might stay the same and so may the outline but the whole purpose is the process, the story unfolding, hanging on to every scenario like it were real...

However colourful my life may be, it always increases due to my dream world... and shall always remain so, for which I am thankful.


another brick in the wall said...

u copycat!

i remember in school days when i used 2 stay home and my bro left for games wid his friends.. i never had friends of my own as i never felt the need for any as i thot i had my big bro who will alwyz care for me.. whn i was in 2nd std, his friends started teasin him n made him cry.. i got angry and told my granny who then scared away his friends.. then my bro came home n scolded me for involving granny.. he started neglecting me.. i never knew my fault till i grew up.. but it was too late then.. so yeah.. back then whn he insisted on not involving me wid him n his friends i was forced to sit home and i waited for his return.. till thn i used 2 make up imaginary friends.. i still hav them.. tho i'll never talk about them.. i always talk 2 them.. we visit so many places in our head.. we hav our own secrets.. we hav our own fights.. we hav our own adventures... we live in our own world.. sometimes u'll find me lost lookin at particularly nowhere.. thats when u'll know i'm wid them and i'm totally unaware of thngs happening around me.. these set of friends i know.. will never betray me.. they'll never win over me.. they'll never leave me.. they're alwyz there whn i need them.. i dunno.. even after all these yrs.. they are still here.. i hide in that world lotta time but i've changed now.. i've gotten addicted to this real world and thats screwing everythng up.. i used 2 be pathetic but i used 2 be happy wid them.. now i hate myself for ignoring them.. but they dont mind.. they dont care.. they are still here wid me.. they are true to me.. so nice na :)