Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mental Volcano... Dormant?

Isn't there some scientific formula that says that if you keep on increasing the load, the bearing capacity keeps increasing but beyond a certain point it cracks?

Well real life situation... Imagine a person who is buried in work so that just the hair on her head is showing... Now what would that person be doing? Working? Naah... Apparently when the work load becomes much too much for comfort, everything else but the work gets done. That would explain a girl sitting and eating chocolate and typing out an arbit blog post when she has nothing but a moot the next day, a project submission and a test together 2 days after that and another moot the very next day to that... and yet preparation for nothing of the above is happening. Is this a way people cope with their sanity? Is this how people ensure that their brain doesnt erupt into a ball of flaming white matter and go up the chimney, wrongly signifying that a new pope has been elected?


Sumit said...

Go to Hans and ask for some ice cubes..so that you can freeze that Volcano!! :P

another brick in the wall said...

exactly the reason i keep saying.. load mat le.. abey.. i dont believe that pressure and tension gets the best outta u.. i believe it just fucks ur head and it probably makes u stop thinking and do everythng other than wat u ought 2 be doing.. it holds true for me at least.. i cant stand pressure, competition, stress etc.. as long as i'm normal n relaxed, am at my best.. once these stupid thngs come 2 mess my mind.. i just fuck it all up.. hence i try 2 just erase all those things outta my life which stress me out.. so am a coward.. watever.. i like 2 live life easy.. so sue me