Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apples anyone?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… But is that really what you want? Yes? How can you say so without more details? For instance what if that doctor happened to be the most handsome creature on the planet… Imagine that you meet him, he treats you, you’ll meet again and again. Before you know it you’ll are married and living happily ever after. Now aren’t you glad you skipped that apple?

This popped out of my mouth during a funny conversation which basically revolved around the question- which is more adventurous? Being held hostage by a monkey or falling in the street and being taken home by a doctor? Of course most people said the former but then I put forth my logic as stated above… What if that doctor was the man/woman of your dreams or if not him, what about his son or daughter that you could happen to meet and live happily ever after with? And as for the monkey, depends on the type of monkey… If the monkey in question were the normal chota ones that roam around and perform tricks, naah not so interesting… you could just stick your tongue out at them and walk away (I shall omit to mention that I was once held up by the same creature when I was a kid because he insisted on having the chocolate in my hand, but whatever). But imagine if you were captured by King Kong? Now that would be more interesting to watch and definitely to experience. (Again the answer depends on whether the person answering the question is a romantic or a person who likes action movies so you can never say). So, on the whole I stuck to my answer of the doctor incident being more exciting until I heard something pivotal to the discussion.

Apparently this was not a hypothetical scenario. A friend narrated an incident that I had missed in the deluge of the talk of doctors about him being a kid of 4 years old and sticking his tongue out at a monkey only to have it pick him up! Everyone around him apparently had to bribe the monkey with a banana to get it to leave him. This, of course, led to hilarity. This being the type of friend whose leg you can pull so easily it’s practically elastic, had to face an onslaught of smart-ass comments. We marveled at him knowing his worth at such a young age; being equivalent to a banana… At his protest that it was just maybe a mother monkey bemoaning her lost child, we remarked at his similarity to a baby monkey. I, for one, at the very mention of this story just imagined him on a silver platter being picked up by the monkey like a waiter picks up a big plate and could not stop laughing for 15 minutes… literally…

Ok I must agree... being held hostage by a monkey IS more adventurous :)

Ah the people you meet in life… :)


Adhirath said...

Ahem ahem!!..well, i wonder who is this sweet cute adoring and simply fantabulous friend of yours whos had a life so full of adventure!!..but i do detest the entire idea of you projecting him as a doll with an elastic leg!!..considering that i kmnow him personally, for the greatest interest of the humankind, it is my delegated duty from the cosmos above to inform everyone that he happens to be really gr8 and he is not at all leg-pullable..its just that he likes letting people have have their lil share of fun!!..so kudos to that gr8 friend..coz coming to think of it- this wont wud definitely not have been there had he not recited his his lil adventi story...now wud it??!!

another brick in the wall said...

oh oh.. my so-called friend was held hostage by an eunuch at the andheri signal when he was just a yr old and was sitting on the fuel tank of his mama's bike.. the price 2 get him back?? Rs. 50.. mama in fact had said it seems.. "itna hi milega... yeh waise bhi mera baccha nahi hai" .. so well.. mr. vishal isnt worth more than 50 bucks since then :P

i hate monkeys.. no no.. i dont mind them.. they mind me.. dont hold me hostage.. i mite die :S.. i have fallen down million times.. it has alwyz been adventurous an experience for me.. never for my parents tho :S

Niren said...

Shouldn't the post end with "Ah the monkeys you meet in life... ;)" ?

Divya said...

@Adhirath- Ahem... now one would wonder why ur getting so defensive for our leg pullable friend here but the way you have said it, no one actually would monkey boy :)

@Brick- Hahahahahaha! Oh man poor guy!!! ok and wait.. dogs or monkeys? wat r u talkin abt?

@Niren- You would know :P

another brick in the wall said...

dogs, monkeys.. all animals yaa