Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Apples anyone?

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… But is that really what you want? Yes? How can you say so without more details? For instance what if that doctor happened to be the most handsome creature on the planet… Imagine that you meet him, he treats you, you’ll meet again and again. Before you know it you’ll are married and living happily ever after. Now aren’t you glad you skipped that apple?

This popped out of my mouth during a funny conversation which basically revolved around the question- which is more adventurous? Being held hostage by a monkey or falling in the street and being taken home by a doctor? Of course most people said the former but then I put forth my logic as stated above… What if that doctor was the man/woman of your dreams or if not him, what about his son or daughter that you could happen to meet and live happily ever after with? And as for the monkey, depends on the type of monkey… If the monkey in question were the normal chota ones that roam around and perform tricks, naah not so interesting… you could just stick your tongue out at them and walk away (I shall omit to mention that I was once held up by the same creature when I was a kid because he insisted on having the chocolate in my hand, but whatever). But imagine if you were captured by King Kong? Now that would be more interesting to watch and definitely to experience. (Again the answer depends on whether the person answering the question is a romantic or a person who likes action movies so you can never say). So, on the whole I stuck to my answer of the doctor incident being more exciting until I heard something pivotal to the discussion.

Apparently this was not a hypothetical scenario. A friend narrated an incident that I had missed in the deluge of the talk of doctors about him being a kid of 4 years old and sticking his tongue out at a monkey only to have it pick him up! Everyone around him apparently had to bribe the monkey with a banana to get it to leave him. This, of course, led to hilarity. This being the type of friend whose leg you can pull so easily it’s practically elastic, had to face an onslaught of smart-ass comments. We marveled at him knowing his worth at such a young age; being equivalent to a banana… At his protest that it was just maybe a mother monkey bemoaning her lost child, we remarked at his similarity to a baby monkey. I, for one, at the very mention of this story just imagined him on a silver platter being picked up by the monkey like a waiter picks up a big plate and could not stop laughing for 15 minutes… literally…

Ok I must agree... being held hostage by a monkey IS more adventurous :)

Ah the people you meet in life… :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

In memoriam...

This is an ode to my ring... My sole piece of jewelry that I was besotted with at first sight almost 3 years ago... Plain silver thumb-ring with a cross cut into it at each side joined by a thin slit… simple and perfect.. I fell for it.

We led a nice life, me and my ring. It would come off only when I came home from college and be on my thumb again if I had to go out at any time, albeit to buy bread. I tried to treat it the best I could and it sure made me happier than any other ring had. I slipped up numerous times by dropping it in every place imaginable with the theater and the loo as exceptions because then I'm sure I wouldn't have got it back. It would be a common sight to all to see my playing with my tad oversize ring and promptly drop it somewhere or the other and go fumbling for it. And it would be a funny yet expected sight to see me sitting in a moot court watching the judge and have my ring fall to the ground and roll noisily to the counsel's feet, with the whole class staring at it. Everyone I've been with has had to pick it up; friends, strangers, even professors... But it always forgave me. It always came back to me. We would be as we always were, madly in love and wanting to stay that way forever... I remember the numerous times people have mistaken me for a catholic simply because that perennially present ring had 2 crosses on it, I remember playing with it, having others play with it on my finger and off...

And then I noticed it. The slit connecting the crosses went from looking like a simple line drawn in the steel to a slightly open slit. I was worried. I clamped it shut, tried to keep it that way. My ring tried to reassure me that everything would be fine. I believed it. Then it got from bad to worse... The slit widened more and more, more and more often. My ring saw how worried I was and worked hard to get better, just for my sake. But it failed. And then the day came when we both knew it; my ring was never going to recover. The end was near and all we both could do was prolong it for as long as possible by being as careful as we possibly could. And soon one day, the end came suddenly. I was out with a friend with my faithful ring on as always and suddenly, SNAP!!! The top quarter of my ring snapped off abruptly. I was shocked… but I knew the day was coming when this would happen. I put it to rest and mourned for it. I tried to recover by trying to find another just like it, but I couldn't. I realised I had to get over this tragedy the normal way. And I'm trying. It's been almost 2 weeks now and I still miss my ring. I still feel emptiness on my finger where it used to be. I miss playing with it and having people do the same. But I remain hopeful. Somewhere out there is another ring, I know, waiting for me to find it. I shall love again someday, though my first true love shall never be forgotten.

To my dear ring, farewell.