Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's in a name?

Well not much but quite a lot! My name keeps changing over the years, with new people I encounter, with new places I go to, with new incidents.
I started off as Divya. A nice normal name that I never liked too much. Maybe people sensed that because I was rarely called by my name except by teachers. Any variation… Think of it and it’s been used. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that… I’m just 18 now… a few more are inevitable sooner or later.
Me. Divya Ramesh. Div by some friends, Divs by some, Divi by others. The latter took some getting used to since I didn’t like this moniker in the beginning since it was only used in the beginning by a girl I could not stand who seemed to follow me around, but it grew on me… So much so that I sometimes referred to myself as Divi!
Ok these are the expected ones I guess; not too uncommon… Divya R. DR. Doctor. Quite sasta but I didn’t mind that earlier since I had my mind set on medicine.
Then later, Doc. Nice… Cute, short, sweet and makes me feel like Bugs Bunny saying “Ehhh, what’s up doc?” More? DD or double D… let’s just say this stuck because of a joke I failed to understand at the time... :P
More? Deebya by a friend’s dad. Deevya by a Dutch colleague. DVD by Sukrit the great, just plain D by some... And funnier- Dippu, Deepika, Deepiks…. Courtesy my mom who, when in a funny mood, seems to have no dearth of these things. But none of the above can match up to the time she called me “kutti pattani” in Tamil which translates into “little green peas”………….. *Speechless*….. Let’s see what I morph into in the future… :)


another brick in the wall said...

wat bout divida? and it is more like dividee just pronounced like dvd :P

Sumit said...

Ohh Genie..if you keep writing like this, then one day "DR. (Deebya Ramesh)" could also be an abbreviation for "Deadly Reuter" or may be similar to video game "Dragon Realms" which was popular on GEnie (It was a role-playing/changing game quite similar to your painting various emotions and moods on your blog :P)..!!

SannoySpeaks said...

although i do indulge in "divi" at times...which i think is phonetically reminiscent of a kid (and so now u kno...), i said once inadvertently that divya is a pretty sexy name...i cant quite recall y i said it then...and chances are i just said it...but hey...its nice (post i mean)

Divya said...

@Bricky baby... all i can say is ":P" hehehe the name DVD is so cute!!

@Sumit- Reuter???

@Sannoy- Well whenever you actually do say Divi it IS when ur treating me like a kid or pulling my cheeks or whatever... Huhh? Yeah even I have not a clue as to why you said that.. I couldnt agree less!

another brick in the wall said...

saali kutti pattani... haha.. sounds like a gaali to me :P

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet!