Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's in a name?

Well not much but quite a lot! My name keeps changing over the years, with new people I encounter, with new places I go to, with new incidents.
I started off as Divya. A nice normal name that I never liked too much. Maybe people sensed that because I was rarely called by my name except by teachers. Any variation… Think of it and it’s been used. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that… I’m just 18 now… a few more are inevitable sooner or later.
Me. Divya Ramesh. Div by some friends, Divs by some, Divi by others. The latter took some getting used to since I didn’t like this moniker in the beginning since it was only used in the beginning by a girl I could not stand who seemed to follow me around, but it grew on me… So much so that I sometimes referred to myself as Divi!
Ok these are the expected ones I guess; not too uncommon… Divya R. DR. Doctor. Quite sasta but I didn’t mind that earlier since I had my mind set on medicine.
Then later, Doc. Nice… Cute, short, sweet and makes me feel like Bugs Bunny saying “Ehhh, what’s up doc?” More? DD or double D… let’s just say this stuck because of a joke I failed to understand at the time... :P
More? Deebya by a friend’s dad. Deevya by a Dutch colleague. DVD by Sukrit the great, just plain D by some... And funnier- Dippu, Deepika, Deepiks…. Courtesy my mom who, when in a funny mood, seems to have no dearth of these things. But none of the above can match up to the time she called me “kutti pattani” in Tamil which translates into “little green peas”………….. *Speechless*….. Let’s see what I morph into in the future… :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Am alone, will talk

New observation, this one. Strictly applicable to flights. Possibly possible in other means of mass transit as well.

I'll elucidate. Today, for the first time I travelled by air alone. And apparently this is the norm. If you're alone and you happen to be sitting adjacent to someone who is also alone, you must strike up a conversation. If luck is on your side, you won't have someone too annoying. I was somewhat lucky in this regard but this conversation with a travelling sales manager from Chennai, and in my opinion, every such conversation, would be along the lines of- "No I'm not working- College- Law- 1st year- Graduation- Jodhpur- Because it happens to be among the top law schools in India- Yes it's a nice city- Yes it can be too hot- Integrated course- Yes lots of tourists- My dad?- Working in Reliance- Oh you know someone else who works on Reliance?- Good for you- Uh huh- Uh huh- Uh huh.... -Divya- Your name- Uh huh- Uh huh" You get what I mean... And this is usually followed by an exchange of business cards (if you have one), only to never see that person again.

So it occurred to me... This could be a forum to explore your other options. Be anyone else... live another life for a short period of time and bask in its glory or its plain hilarity. I imagine the next time I'm in this situation... How will the conversation go?

"Yes I'm working- With ICICI bank- Oh what do I do there?- Telemarketing- Yes it IS boring sometimes but you know those annoying calls you must keep getting about new credit cards?- I call up and say that even if there's no such scheme, just to annoy people" Umm... (Awkward pause I presume: P)


"Yes I'm working- Assistant manager at a restaurant- Oh I mainly assure that the cooks don't steal any money or spit in the food of customers who annoy them" Ummm...


"Yes I'm working- I'm the new RJ at Red FM- Chalo because I'm having this pointless chat with you, if you ever call the show, I'll put you on air for sure"


"No I'm in class 9 actually- Am travelling for this big sudoku tournament- I'm the school champion, participating in a National Competition"

Or anything. Give me any profession and there's something crazy or interesting to say... Chalo I've decided. The next time I fly alone, I'm not gonna be me! And that will call for a similar new post... So till then, adios! I'm off to the set to continue shooting for my 4th TV serial. Yes it starts with K... Tata people: P

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hail Murphy!

A friend recently paid a tribute to Murphy's law by observing that whenever we had loads of work piled on us in college, the weather is absolutely beautiful whereas when we are free, it's blistering hot… the usual for Rajasthan... How we wish we could have those cool breezy days for ourselves rather than wasting (umm spending) it on our books... Sigh... Oh well here's another observation.

Bombay traffic. It sucks to the core. It's one of the few things I abhor about Bombay (the others being the dug up roads and the humidity). And somehow the weather and the traffic just HAVE to coordinate themselves to give us one hell of a time (literally). Take these days for example. I stay around 20 minutes away from where I intern. But sometimes the traffic is so killer that it takes more than an hour! And alas on these days it was hot. It was humid. It was many horrible hours spent sweating in that rickshaw wishing I could just apparate to work. On the other hand, sometimes the traffic is not that bad... In fact on these days I'm talking about, I reach work in 15 minutes tops. And the weather on these days? Beautiful, breezy, cool. No sun, no sweat. And on these days you just breeze by the roads beautifully... Nice but annoying! It's like the time spent waiting in traffic jams amidst the fumes must be compounded by the fierce sun... we are not meant to enjoy the breeze then... Oh no... Only on the days we spend the minimum time traveling do we get to enjoy the lovely weather and the occasional drizzle that visits nowadays.

As I was sitting in the rickshaw enjoying the breeze on the traffic-free road today I thought Naah I'm being silly... But then... I saw traffic looming up ahead of me and immediately... The sun came out... Oh no... The forces of nature and traffic jams are indeed in collaboration I concluded... Why else would the sun come out only for the exact time that the traffic jam lasted? Sigh... Our luck is such...

And hence I would like to wish mankind all the best for the future and the present for that matter to live in a world that is unfortunately governed by the law of the acclaimed pessimist but ultimate realist... Hail Murphy!!