Saturday, May 26, 2007


Pessimism. Gets so much flak doesn’t it? People are always advised to look on the bright side, not to harbor negative thoughts, and the like.. Though this might hold true for some things, I have found that pessimism works for me… I don’t mean to sound like a killjoy here, but it does… Those who have read my earlier posts know that I’m a big dreamer, lost in my own world, and though that sounds nice and candy-flossy, it has its downsides. When you dream, you more likely than not expect something out of those dreams... You expect them to come true or at least have some semblance of coming true. And when that doesn’t happen, you’re let down…

Forget dreams, even basic things… anything... Basically if you set your hopes too high, there’s more of a chance that they will come crashing down on you, if you expect something, you set you yourself for disappointment... So why hope or expect? If you don’t expect something to happen, what can happen is: either it doesn’t happen and you’re proved right so no actual disappointment, or it does happen and that makes you ecstatic... Compare this with being optimistic... You expect something and it happens... Sure you’re happy but you expected it anyway... If it doesn’t happen, you’re crushed… now which option sounds better?

Lately, this pessimism ideology is working for me... Else I’m this person who always expects people to do things just because I would, or things to happen because they should... Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop dreaming, that’s too much a part of me now.. But don’t expect all that much, and be grounded… that’s what I think I’ll do. For a while, my favourite saying has been “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”,and that is lovely and admittedly true… but lately… “It’s the event of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”, and that’s not really that often..

(It is to be noted that the author was extremely frustrated at the time this was written and admits that conversion cannot be ruled out. She realizes how arcane and disheartened this sounds and is in fact available for selected comment.)

P.S.- The above was written quite a long time ago and stored on my computer... My belief was shaken briefly a while back but now it's back to my original stand and unfortunately I have to relearn how to stop expecting things... Oh well...


SannoySpeaks said...

I can't seem to figure out what triggered that... u have never been much of an open book anyway... but i will strive to agree with you very completely on this one.
hopes are pretty much inherently disappointing... lets explain... i hope for something... something new to happen... i am expecting and then it does not happen. simple?
Now...what it essentially means is that nothing has changed - status quo is being maintained - why should this crush me? nothing has changed for the worse... what was acceptable a day back...becomes unbearable the next! and all this due to a figment of our imagination called hope/expectation.
and i dont think i need to explain anything to u ;)

Divya said...

Bingo... we seem to concur on this one :)

another brick in the wall said...

umm.. its different u know.. when u say u dream n when u say u expect.. now u hav a set of ideas which u want 2 take place.. u hav a dream about something.. u work towards achieving ur dream.. u work with something called hope.. u want the dream to come true n u fight to achieve the same... now here u hav 2 realise that ths possibility of dream being coming true may or may not depend upon someone else's actions.. now when it depends upon some other person.. we are expecting 4 the person 2 act likewise.. got it? such a dream is kinda futile waste of time since our happiness then rests in someone else's hands n not ours.. thts whn we face disappointment.. for example.. if i have an idea of how my ideal partner should be.. then i surely can dream of meetin such a person.. but on meetin ths person i shouldnot expect the person 2 like me cz her idea of a perfect partner for her may not necessarily be me rt.. so yeah.. if i tend 2 expect her 2 think my way then i may or may not be disappointed.. so well i shudn't expect anything n just feel happy bout the fact tht i had a dream of such a person n i am lucky enuff 2 hav found her in ths world.. instead of cribbing away over the disappointment that i'm not her dream guy.. rt? so yeah.. there are so many other dreams which may not totally depend upon someone else n mostly on our own selves for them 2 come true.. say i dream 2 start my own company or smthng thn apart from natural factors everythng else depends upon ur own self n how deteremined are u in order to make true ur dream.. so well sistaa all i wanna say is dont stop dreaming.. just stop expecting others 2 live ur dream.. cz tht mite hurt sometime.. dreams are alwyz nice.. relish them.. enjoy them.. they make this life beautiful :).. tc