Monday, April 30, 2007

Yours Sasta-fully

A tag I have been veritably conferred upon me and a status that has been bestowed upon me since the 1st semester of college…. I am officially the “sasta queen” of the batch. “Huh?” you say? Let me make it clear for you.

It all started last September when I was returning to college by a large number of train changes. The fateful trip was one to Delhi. We were all on the way back to college after a fun filled inter college festival and we had with us a fourth year, a guy who looked serious, responsible and utterly aloof… he had proved to be quite friendly during the course of our stay and the other assumptions about him proved to be right, but no one would have imagined the depth of his character, the hidden traits of his soul… he was, without a doubt the most sasta person I had ever laid eyes, ears or mind upon! (Let me explain sasta, I did not know the meaning either before this momentous trip. It means utterly and totally silly, a poor joke raised to levels of being as poor as can be… such a cheap joke, hence the term sasta, that at times you could confer the status of free upon it. Of course there are levels of sasta-ness also… some jokes are just plain sad while others make you laugh uncontrollably while wanting to pull out the person’s hair out. This particular senior was of the latter category). Now on this trip, he exposed his true colours… proclaiming his hunger by singing loudly- “Mujhe bhook lagi hai mast mast….” Yeesh!!!

Now we’re all lying down, the last talk of the day before everyone hits the sack… when suddenly this tall guy, who’s lying on the top berth pokes his head out from one end, his feet out from the other and starts repeating in a sepulchral tone- “Mahi ve…” Why? No one knows, but this started affecting me. I broke out into fits of laughter at this and refused to stop, and having witnessed my famous laughing fits that very day in which I start laughing and refuse to stop for hours on end, my friends got worried. Trying their best to control me, they could not control the senior on top who suddenly decided to crack a joke... He asked- Keeping in mind recent Hindi movies, how would you greet President APJ Abdul Kalam? What happened next was startling… not a second had passed when I answered- “Kalam Namastayy”!!! My friends were all shell shocked, not to mention the senior… It was like they witnessed the height of matching wavelengths and saw a whole new side of me. And they were even more worried. Hence emerged the sasta queen who cracked utterly strange jokes at the drop of a hat, instantaneously, spontaneously! And my friends adapted… they accepted me in my new avatar, pretending to groan at my jokes but enjoying them all the same… But one disadvantage came with this elevated position of the Sasta Queen. As of now, any joke I crack is deemed to be sasta… it’s like my friends refuse to believe that I can crack a normal joke!!!

Let me give some examples of my jokes. They have become so famous that people from my college who had gone to Bangalore for a sports fest returned after 2 weeks and verified whether I had actually said such a thing, with me straining to remember what I had said, getting incredulous that my fame was spreading so far and wide. My Kalam Namaste joke still holds the top position but others are remembered also, such as the time when I asked a friend from Pathankot to give me her “Pathan”-coat since I was feeling cold. So also is the incident in which I started singing “So ja jaaneman” to a friend who was feeling sleepy, mimicking the famous song from Roja. Oh so many exist… so many that I can’t even remember.The latest one was just a couple of days back when 3 of my guy friends were singing to me; the sequence goes as follows;

Guys: Ai… kya bolti tu?

Me: Ai… kya main boloon?

Guys: Sun

Me: Suna

Guys: Aati kya Patiala? (Their own attempt at a sasta)

Me: Kya karoon? Wardrobe mein chudidar…

Guys: ……………………….



Hehehe and so it goes on… with me having part of my brain perpetually occupied crunching up information from the surrounding to convert into sastas (as my friend puts it), spreading joy and amusement, inducing laughs and groans in equal proportion, sacrificing my peace of mind to bring laughter into the world…. I think you get it... ;)

Signing out with full acknowledgment to those who helped in making me as I am today,

Yours Sincerely,




SannoySpeaks said...

i wish i cud talk abt this at length...and trust me i can... but i so feel like re-iterating that word that divi is told with a certain deal of exasperation
SASTA... specially the last joke.
however the explanation preceding it was very nice.
classy portrayal of a major NLU pastime

another brick in the wall said...

yo! i did attempt at a sasta in one of the last mails to you.. bhool gayi saali! :P

we used 2 call these "maaf karo" jokes or "panchat" jokes.. now panchat is a marathi word which means distasteful.. anycase.. mereko sasta acha lagta hai meri behena.. kya hai tera kehna? tu bas saste maarti rehna! :S.. ok that sucked.. but surely my version of the kajol song "oooh lalalala" was good! :P

in case u hav forgotten the same.. here:

NLU mein rehti hai ek behnaa
puchti hai ki bolo kya hai kehna
tera exam kab hai yaa
tera padhai ho gaya kya?
kabhi pucche toh mera jawaab yahi hogaaaa
na nanana na nanana nanananananananaa

Sumit said...

Wow!! you write amazing!!..But shouldn't it be "sasti queen" rather than "sasta queen"??? :)

Divya said...

@Sannoy- talk about this at length na.. go ahead be my guest... let's see what you can do... knowing you. you'll probably write a veritable mahabharat on this too :)
@Brick- No comments... i'm in a category far ahead pf you bro :) just ask the public :P
@Sumit- Oh potato, potaato... it's a gender free society here on my blog... feel free to throw all technicalities out the window to soar free...

raghu said...


raghu said...

mora lisa is up on abbeblah.. im competing with u now :D

Sumit said...


Saste bahut se dekhenge honge tumne, kya koi sata aisa bhi dekha hai...
Dekha hai meri jaan,
nazar se dekha hai,
bata uske chehre pe kya kya likha hai.. :)

Hail SASTA Queen!!! :P

Vibhooti said...

oh divi..u represent d nlu spirit....livin life "royally"

Divya said...


SannoySpeaks said...

vibhooti is running divi close...very close on this one