Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Operation birthday

Latest Target: Ms. Tresa Thomas

Location: New Girls Hostel 3

Date: 22nd April

Time: 11:59 pm

Objective: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

A birthday in the girl’s hostel… A mission of sorts… Packed with action, adventure, giggles and a mess. It begins with a few of the concerned to-be-birthday girl’s friends planning what to do for the said girl’s approaching birthday. Plans are made, money is pooled, gifts are bought… This is but a paltry work… The real job is yet to be done… It’s the icing on the cake… It’s the cake itself… one day before the birthday, on the birthday eve, an exclusive duo is usually selected to be the honoured ones to purchase the cake… They sneak out of college without the birthday girl’s knowledge, scour the city and return with the prized possession after enduring it all… traffic, fumes, umm... stray camels! But it is done… and then it is snuck into the hostel itself… elusively hidden in one of the few fridges of someone or the other (I’m usually an often privileged party providing refuge to the same). Then as midnight approaches, the girls are summoned. The cake is kept ready and we go forth… knock on the concerned door and scream it out- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And she beams with joy and pretends she knows nothing of the cake awaiting her… And as the girls sing and the cake is cut, it is dabbed on her face as she is hugged by everyone. And of course- birthday bumps… and as it was in the latest mission, a water fight between the birthday girl and another. Quite scandalous if any guy were to see it but thoroughly enjoyable!

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The sad part is, I shall never have this… All the years I shall be here, my birthday falls in the vacations… I’ll spare you the tears, the sorrow, the heartbreak(:P) but I didn’t spare a couple of my friends back home though. This last birthday, they popped up at home at midnight with a cake, flowers, gifts!!! I was shocked, I was taken aback, I was touched. It was brilliant. Being at home for my birthday is great for sure, but the very experience… People going out of their way to ensure you have a cake on your birthday, whether or not there is an end term exam the next day (in Tresa’s case), celebrating together… I wish I could have that… I absolutely love my friends back home for doing what they did on my last birthday but alas…I shall not have that any more too since I have recently shifted house… Oh well… let’s just say I’m compelled to remain a giver… Thanks Sal and Karishma, you guys rock! And so does my hostel… Here’s to many, many more cakes and birthdays!


Tresa said...

Awwwwwww....a whole blog bout moi?!!? love ya babes( wont pretend to be too modest n all...)...
and sweeie dnt wry....il make sure im somewhere nearby next year on ur bday so that i cna pop up n say HAPPY BDAY BUM!!

the hoverer said...

well u never know if u were here last year you might just have been here on ur B'Day considering the fact that this was the 1st time we had 5 weeks of vacations in winter, before this it has always been 2 weeks and by my calculation ur B'Day would be some time very early in the sem making it even more enjoyable, so now all u need to do is hope that at least for 1 year there revert back to the old system... and even if they don't B'days are days meant to be made special some one or the other will always be there to make it a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

raghu said...

oh rmbr.. we were chattin n u ver like somethin special today..n i was like err.. n u were like my BDAY!
and then u seemed all happy so i saod why wish u happy bday ven ur soo happy.. annoyed u.. so then it made sense to wish u happy bday..LOL
heehe.. nah nex year bday gift also..promise!

another brick in the wall said...

haila! tht reminds me of smthng! sheesh.. my head! gotta act fast! :S

Divya said...

@Tresa- aww sweetie thanks! but i think you'll find it a bit hard to pop all the way here from Kottayam...
@Hoverer- to bite your argument right in the root, i've heard that from next year, we might have extended holidays.. 1 month 15 days... so it's more and more out of the question... but ya that's true.. someone or the other should hopefully always make it a happy bday! last time was awesome... plus i got loaads of lovely mails.... you see what i'm saying?
@Raghu- Hehehe ok cool i'll hold you to that!
@Brick- Huhhh? Forgot someone's bday or something?

kArI !! said...

well divzzz its great 2 hav u bck...!! n weneva ur here 4 ur birthday.. v'll c 2 dat it truely rockzz...! SO 4 GOD DAMN SAKE.. 4GET ABT DA HEARTBREAKS N TEARS !! LUVV YA LOADSSSSSSSS!!! TC!!