Friday, February 23, 2007

"Live", "Large"

Everyone’s heard the saying… you’ve only got one life, live it large. Now let’s examine that... This can be divided into two sections:

  • You have only one life
  • You should live your life large.


  • Apparently everyone has got only one life. Agreed. In that case, what do those people who believe in an afterlife say? You have many lives, live them all large? You have many lives; you can afford to live this one large? Ummm… Then, what about those people who tell others to “get a life...”? Does this mean they believe in the afterlife? Going by this now, it would mean that we live in a society filled with people who are (i) alive and (ii) people aspiring to be alive. But then again, what right do those people have to tell anyone to “get a life”? Why can’t they ever consider that someone might actually be happy being “dead”? Why must they force or induce life in a person? Inconsiderate people… Ah now this would again go against the “normal theory”. Maybe the “dead” people consider themselves as alive and the alive as “dead”. Wouldn’t it be confusing for them when they hear such a shockingly enlightening statement? But then the question would be as to who’s actually
    "alive" and who’s not… Then we would have to consider life and death as being relative…
  • You should live your life large. Then why the stigma against the obese!?!? Enough said…

Disclaimer- Now that I read this, the first part sounds influenced by the movie “The Others” but it’s genuinely originally nonsensical.


raghu said...

just a passing thought
if all of us were dead,would we be called dead?

another brick in the wall said...

i can see wat law's doing to u.. take rest.. dont stress urslf too much.. u need a break! so jaa :P

SannoySpeaks said...

i liked this one actually... pretty nicely written... but temme- how much of a death do the live want- and how much of a life to the dead want... and in case there is an afterlife... what is the significance of death...or is it just one of those little taxis we have out here(u kno the ones with whom u bargain to travel form sardarpura to college for 60 bucks) to take us from one life to another?

Divya said...

@Raghu- sure... then maybe the definition of dead would be alive and that of alive would be dead.. imagine.. aperson dies here, we mourn. A "dead" person in the afterlife gets reincarnated.. will they mourn?
@Brick- hahaha! this was my break!
@Sannoy- who says any want anything else? the alive should be happy being alive and the dead should be happy being dead.. refer to my reply to raghu... hehehe just might be.. imaginine bargaining to get a less painful death or something.. :D