Saturday, February 24, 2007


They say "Once bitten, twice shy".

I've got a new one; "Once bitten, twice bitten, thrice bitten, want to be shy... Can't..."

And so, you get bitten again... and the saddest part is, the next time you do, you should have expected it but convinced yourself not to...

Friday, February 23, 2007

"Live", "Large"

Everyone’s heard the saying… you’ve only got one life, live it large. Now let’s examine that... This can be divided into two sections:

  • You have only one life
  • You should live your life large.


  • Apparently everyone has got only one life. Agreed. In that case, what do those people who believe in an afterlife say? You have many lives, live them all large? You have many lives; you can afford to live this one large? Ummm… Then, what about those people who tell others to “get a life...”? Does this mean they believe in the afterlife? Going by this now, it would mean that we live in a society filled with people who are (i) alive and (ii) people aspiring to be alive. But then again, what right do those people have to tell anyone to “get a life”? Why can’t they ever consider that someone might actually be happy being “dead”? Why must they force or induce life in a person? Inconsiderate people… Ah now this would again go against the “normal theory”. Maybe the “dead” people consider themselves as alive and the alive as “dead”. Wouldn’t it be confusing for them when they hear such a shockingly enlightening statement? But then the question would be as to who’s actually
    "alive" and who’s not… Then we would have to consider life and death as being relative…
  • You should live your life large. Then why the stigma against the obese!?!? Enough said…

Disclaimer- Now that I read this, the first part sounds influenced by the movie “The Others” but it’s genuinely originally nonsensical.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


People who are the closest to you have the most capacity to hurt you. This is but obvious and highly scary. So when you are in such a situation when you do get hurt and get hurt repetitively, what do you do? Do nothing and wait for it to go away? Move the person a bit farther away from you so you stop getting hurt so often? The second option sounds more appealing at times since you’re sick of feeling this way, but then again you don’t want those consequences… even though you get the feeling that the person might be taking you for granted. What do you do then? Again wait for it to go away and just ignore it? Show the person how wrong they are by making them realise you might not always be there? Again the second option would sound tempting if it weren’t so damn hard to do and you realise that the other person might be more important to you than you are to them… And you wish it could go back to how it was… Carefree (fine, more carefree than the present), less touchy, with less expectations… wish it would stop feeling vulnerable and stop wanting to lash out, only to realise that you can’t bring yourself to in the first place…

All the world's a stage... who made us the critics!?!

Sudden revelation dawned on me… made me shake my head in disbelief at the idiocy of it all... By “it” I mean humanity by the way… people are hypocritical. Holds true from the time they have grown up enough to realise they don’t need diapers and can stand on their own two feet. They might not realise it at first of course… at first everyone’s all innocent and sweet... as you grow, you claim to hate hypocrisy in all forms… The irony of this whole statement is that that very statement is hypocritical. Now to those who will object and raise arguments against this statement (because I’m sure there will be some) I say this; Consider people. People talk. People talk a lot. People talk about other people. Not all of it is very good. Not all of it is very approving. Now all this is very nicely, sweetly forgotten when they themselves find themselves in the very situation the subject of their conversation was in. In that case, everything’s fine, everything’s acceptable… of course it is… it’s them doing it! If anyone talk about you the way you had spoken before, sacrilege!!! Ok cutting to the chase, people are comfortable being critical observers, not the actors themselves. Compliments the saying well…. If all the world’s a stage, then who’s watching? Bottom-line, people are inconsiderate, people are hypocritical. And in the case of the author herself, people can definitely be cynical.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here I am...???

I’m tired… it’s strange... When I’m tired in this way (which is physically tired plus a tad of recovering from mental exhaustion), and going about my day as I usually do, I get a really unreal feeling. I feel I don’t belong. I feel I’m not even here. Then I realize I am and I get a start and wonder- Why am I here? What am I even doing here? It’s like I just woke up and realized “Oh, all that was true!!” I wonder why people talk the way they do… why people think they way they do… why people are the way they are… It’s utterly baseless... I just feel like I wasn’t here till now… some mere wisp of a shadow of my existence was and now that I’m here in toto, it’s going to take some getting used to… So I sleep… and when I wake up I’m the “me” that I was before, till the next time…