Saturday, January 27, 2007

Legally Brunette

Being in law school can get to you in a while... Now I’m speaking like one who’s been here for years and braved all that college has to throw at me but that’s not so.. Just in my 2nd semester and just in a mood to whine.. that’s all…

This place has made me get addicted to my laptop… It has definitely cut down my TV watching capacity and inclination but there’s a steep rise in my ability to sit with the computer… So much that I’ve started speaking the language as well… I saw a cute card and just kept it because I liked it… how did I tell a friend about that? I told him that I “saved” the card…. I bumped into my fridge and almost jolted it off the stand... What did I mentally exclaim? “Oops! Ctrl+Z!!” And sometimes it gets so odd and muddled up inside that head of mine that I just want to press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and make some sense of it all… Ummm………

That’s one aspect… Another is that, just after a moot or some such heavy duty law research event, everyone becomes “Your Lordship”. During attendance in any normal class, “Roll no. 429… Yes Your Lordship!!!” You read a book... any old novel, and you act like you’re reading a case… you come across something you think “rebuts” an earlier point and you immediately want to reach for a highlighter…. You repeat something a friend told you to someone else and immediately “footnote” him… Ummm………

Life is bright but dull at the same time… you want to work but don’t want to at the same time. You’re determined to be all sincere and hardworking but really cant work up the inclination to do so… Once it starts I’m sure the flow will continue but the ignition is taking some time to flare up… And now I’m thinking of a silly joke in which you have to make a scooter lean 60 degrees to kick start it… Yeesh… :P

So I get the whining out of my system, give myself some satisfaction of blogging again and go to find my keys and go try and kick start the old vehicle.. Ciao world…

Sunday, January 14, 2007

But then again...

What if nothing I wrote below mattered and you felt like this:

Friday, January 12, 2007

What if...?

What if you were thinking something you wished were untrue?

What if you kept getting the feeling it wasn't?

What if you wanted to tell someone so you could let it all out?

What if you thought it was way too stupid to even utter to anyone even though it was important to you?

What if you wished that people weren't as important to you as they were?

What if you didn't truly want them to be any less important?

What if you felt you weren't as important to those people?

What if you wanted people to know you wanted to be as important to them but feared saying it because it would sound silly?

What if you wanted to sort it all out when such thoughts prevailed but couldn't really do much but feel like punching something?

What if you wished you could write it all down, sort it all out, talk it through, convince yourself that everything was perfect and actually have it be so, release the steam formed under pressure in your mind?

What if you couldn't...?