Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aah nonsense.... :D

I so love nonsensical conversations... It actually takes brains and wit to talk intelligent nonsense and continue with it!! It's such a shame not too many people like them... Here's one nice brief one with a friend with whom I've talked soo much nonsense it's invigorating!!!

K: Yikes!! An aeroplane just swooshed by me!! Ok i think I'm really sleepy na...
Me: Ya I think so.. you looked it.. but luckily the pilot managed to avoid your ear.. many got airsick.. see what you do to people...!!
K: There was an awful streak of white...
Me: Ooh nice.. next time some orange and green too ok?
K: And somewhere in between a plane going round in circles with blue streaks. Ok I'm dozing off....
Me: And you're taking off... have a nice flight and do fasten your seatbelt..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

For the first time...

Had originally written this when I first came back home... actually on my first day of work- 16th November, but as it always is with posts I plan on writing… they always get delayed….

Well, after 4 months of Law school, I’m back home and I swear it does NOT seem like 4 months have gone by. During the course it seemed like this time would never come, but now it just feels like the whole thing just raced past… At the time, the tedium was unbearable; work, hectic schedules, CREs, tests, sleepless nights… but now all I can remember are my friends, late nights chatting in the hostel going out to the city in a group, walking at night and chilling on the football field after dinner… just the good times... It’s odd how the grass is always greener on the other side… Over there I was dying to come home, now I’m feeling so restless that I wouldn’t mind going back. But it’s only for the part of college other than the academic block of course…:P

When I came back home from the station, luggage and all, it just felt like I was returning after shopping or something…The old roads and buildings seemed so familiar, it seemed like I had been seeing them everyday. But then I remember that I was away for 4 months and memories of Jodhpur come trickling back, making me wonder… Did I really do all that?!

I once heard someone say that the first part of our life at NLU, those first 4 months, they would be like a crash course in our lives and I must say that is perfectly true. Chock full of first times… first time away from home, first time in a hostel, first time up north, first time doing anything not related to science, first time travelling to other cities with friends, first time roaming the streets of an unknown city alone (Delhi), first time going for an inter college fest, first time I’ve had such a big group of such jovial friends, first love, first time I’ve opened up to people in ways I never thought I would or even could… At the end of it all I think I’ve changed… I can feel it…

And now in Bombay, I must go to work… Hearing that makes me feel like I’ve been pulled big time… like given a jolt that’s made me grow up double quick in the last 4 months… Well, maybe at the end of 5 years, I’d have grown up and changed beyond recognition! Here’s to college life and to more first times!