Thursday, November 16, 2006

Normal? Naah...

A friend of mine, Kanishk, coined this theory.. he calls it the normal theory.. he narrated it to me, only to get my mind working on this and I came up with a counter to this, to which I got another counter. So finally we have come up with this as stated below, which is kind of an amalgamation of both our abnormal minds... So to state this theory as typed out mostly by him, with numerous inputs from me as well as editing and proofreading, here goes our combined effort at deriving a lot of "sense":

When I say normal theory I mean that’s exactly what it’s not because the theory talks about how nothing is normal which includes this theory obviously.

Fine so here goes…

What is normal...?

Something that is common to everyone... but by default no two individuals are the same, so there is no question of there being features common to all people, or even most of the people. Even if for a moment you assume that there is a feature ‘x’ which one person has, and define that as normal; in that case, as one may notice, that feature will not be present in the same way in almost any other individual, because every individual is unique in his or her own way. So in that case everyone else will be classified as abnormal and that in fact will become the common feature in all people. So abnormality is the only thing that is normal and hence there is no normal except abnormal in itself.

Now you may choose to look at it in a more simplified, absolute, and practical manner.

What is normal mathematically ?

A line that is perpendicular to a given line, or a line that lies at an angle that is not inclined to any side. By that definition, a normal person will be one who is not inclined to any side in any sense. Now a 'normal' person will have no inclinations whatsoever and that is an impossibility because there are many things a person will be inclined to.Could be something as lame as “Do I like ice cream or not?". I am not normal so I can say I like ice cream but a 'normal' person can not say that he likes or that he dislikes it has to be in the middle. Now in such simple cases, one might find exceptions. For example, take me and chocolate.. I don’t particularly like chocolate, but I don’t dislike it either… (Just for the record, these are not Divya’s views since she happens to be a hardcore chocoholic).

But looking into more serious issues like life, it is an impossibility for one to be normal, as the opposite of life is afterlife (not death). Now I have never met a person who is not alive and not in his afterlife (if an afterlife exists). Or for purposes of simplification a normal person cannot not be alive and or not be dead at the same time as that is a practical impossibility.

To look at it another way, people are said to be normal if their behaviour conforms to the standard behavior set in society and in life. Therefore to be “normal” is to act parallel to everyone else. But now, blatantly using semantics, normal means perpendicular. Therefore to act normal is to act at an absolute tangent to everyone else’s behaviour, which is abnormal… Therefore, normal is abnormal… If that’s too mind boggling for you, take it that normal does not exist...

So what have we learnt??

Normal= 90 degrees
Normal= 0 degrees
Normal= Abnormal
Normal= nil.

Take your pick…



Latha said...

If normally what is normal is abnormal, what about supernormal, paranormal etc

Height of confusion of a warped mind, looks like, what say............

raghu said...

Something that is common to everyone... but by default no two individuals are the same, so there is no question of there being features common to all people, or even most of the people.

wat does dat mean?
vel.. jus bcos V R unique doesnt mean v cant hav nethin in common..infact its normal 2 think dat divya is crazy..ne1 who reads this blog realises dat..very easily.. so all thou v look at the blog diffly.. v still c da sdame crux in da story..dat ur crazy..vel real crazy..Lol..ment as compliment.
ya but certain opinions r common.. 2 most ppl who hav simliar built of mind.. n think similarly..so .. surely certain shared opinions can b called normal.. 4 the given set of indiv..but frm an outsiders pt. of view.. its not normal..
normality is relative perhaps..
heehe..enuf crap..awomen

sun4none said...

ohhh... i recall u trying 2 tell me this one day on phone! and i guess i'd said even back then.. normal = abnormal.. theres ntn like normal.. normalcy cant be defined.. hence we all are weird.. so whn u proudly define urself 2 be a weirdo.. i guess u jst gotta quit sayin tht or being proud o tht at least cz we all are weird in our own crazy ways! wat say? ;)

Divya said...

@Latha-Well if normally what is normal is abnormal , why can't you say that supernormal is what is normally what the definition says it is.. or abnormally if you like.. same goes for paranormal.. normally one would not ask such questions in such a strangely abnormal post but oh well.. i answered it as normally as i could.. :P

@Raghu- Why thank you! And exactly! Normality is relative.. that's what a normally normal person would have said instead of typing this whole post out but what the hell, Kanishk and I are not exactly normal as you might have figured.. hehe

@Sun- Well exactly, but if everyone else denies being wierd, which is exactly what they are, i might as well flaunt it.. makes it look like a unique quality, what say?

raghu said...

abbe i jus saw ur profile ka ques n ans.. dat cold petals ..wow ..awsum nice answer ya.. TOO GUD!

Marc said...

hmm... perpendicularly parallel! Amen!

raghu said...

@marc lol
arrey div.. welcome 2 BLOGGER BETA!

Kanishk said...

well as normal is not normal nor is paranormal. The word paranormal comes from the words “para” meaning beyond, and normal. So the term paranormal really means something that is beyond the normal scope of science or being beyond a scientific explanation, so every phenomenon is paranormall because 'normaly' scienece believes in normal and science believes that there can be nothing that is not normal, but again even science has its own limitations, there is no absolute zero you can achieve, ther e is no perfect, there is no normal. Similarly supernormal phenomemons are those which go beyond the limits of normal, but normal does not exist so the question of exceding those limits does not arise.

I hope to have created more questions by answering the one at hand...

stay hungry stay foolish.

SannoySpeaks said...

standard ideas of reasonability are not based on mathematics.. as law students, where u kno justice is done based on norms of "normal and reasonable" standards of behavior i think ur line of htought goes a lil awry.. or shud i say kacky's line of thot.. but it is a BLOODY COOL IDEA otherwise!!!

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

You could have submitted this as your NLU thesis.