Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pool of Consciousness

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

What is consciousness? Being aware, irrespective of the physical aspect; what matters is the mindset. Being aware of yourself, of other people, of thoughts, feelings, emotions. You could be aware in your dreams..

What are dreams? Speculations are abundant about the significance of dreams. People say that dreams could reflect your past- quite possible. Dreams can definitely show you what happened in the past that is playing in some nook or cranny of your mind, whether you realize it or not. Situations can be viewed from an outsider’s perspective, flaws recognized and nagging thoughts put to rest.

It is said that dreams can reflect what you want- definitely. Dreams can mirror your heart’s deepest desire or any whimsical want or need of the hour. They make you aware of this longing, if you did not know of it already, or the extent of it. On waking up you think- “Do I actually want this? Is this what I deserve? How do I go about getting this?” And the journey to achieve it or decision to choose to not achieve it is the result.

Some say that dreams can predict the future. As skeptical as I am about this theory, I have to concede that it just might hold some weight. A bigger cynic than me in the department relating to prediction and astrology is hard to find; me being over practical in such matters, but there just might be more to dreams in that perspective. There have been instances when I am going about my day as I normally do, when I get a start and realize that I have seen this before... this has happened before… I suddenly remember a dream that I had had previously, though insignificant and inconspicuous, that contained the exact sequence of events taking place in front of me.. and when it actually strikes me, it’s like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle falling into place. However long back that dream came to me, however trivial the details, that sense of déjà vu always awes me and leaves me pensive and thoughtful… How did that happen?

Now déjà vu is something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike inexplicable in my book. The feeling of experiencing the exact situation previously always leaves my mind working overtime, either because of awe, shock, curiosity, or all the above. I’m conscious, and purposely try to be even more so. I think- “How did that thought process get triggered? What was the stream of thought that led to this one?” but more often than not, it remains a mystery, and I let it go until the next time something as surreal happens.

According to me, the power of the mind is unparalleled, since you can control anything with your mind. What you think happens. If you believe in God, you are aware of Him everywhere. You worship, love and fear Him. You venerate his power and look up to him, although there exists no proof of his reality. It’s all in the mind. Faith is a matter of the mind. Religion and God evolved because it prevailed in the minds of men that it was required to have a higher power to look up to and worship. People believing in alternate forms of medicine do so because it cures them, and they get cured because they believe they will. Why else would placebos be so effective? If you think that something is going to cure you, with full belief and conviction, that mindset will ensure that it will probably happen.

The power of the mind is supreme, that great entity that controls everyone and collectively anything. The mind sees what it wants to and interprets it as it feels fit. The fixed norms, standards and beliefs are not to be strictly adhered to.. the mind can stimulate in a person what was previously thought of as impossible to do. All that is required is awareness. If you are aware of yourself and your environment, anything can be done if your mind is strong enough and willing.

Sometimes, however, when you are aware of nothing at all, the thought can strike you, as it does often to me, which always makes me stop in my tracks and ponder.. I am here, I am alive. I am present on this earth along with millions of individuals like myself. I am actually a real entity composed of flesh and bones, going about my daily routine. But what if I’m not? What if the world as I know it is just a manifestation of someone’s dream or overactive imagination and what if that someone were to wake up this instant, causing everything to vanish in a puff of logic? And that further leads me to wonder.. Is this what’s called being truly aware of one’s presence in the world or is one actually ever aware? Is one actually ever really conscious?