Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodnight all...

Green Day sang “Wake me up when September ends”. The song itself didn’t do too much for me but the topic- bang on! September is absolutely the worst month of the year and I’d be oh-so glad if I could sleep it out each and every year, this year included.. (Oh the crunch has already begun) That’s not such a bad idea actually, I think I will.. In fact, all those who feel this way should. And I’m sure there might be some other people who do so as well so it can be a nice snooze fest! All September haters, all asleep together.. in hibernation.. What a nice thought… People bonding in a way previously unthought-of!

All right, what’s with me today?! I think I’m too sleepy- hence the above gibberish. But one thing’s for sure- this year, someone please wake me up when September ends!

Friday, September 01, 2006


The other day, I saw It!

On being pointed out by my friend, I bent over to stare intently at something crawling on the ground. It was a bright red insect, shaped like a barnacle, slightly hairy.. scuttling about on sturdy legs, very distinct against the sandy ground.

While I was being fascinated by this, another friend came along and cracked a very silly joke which implied that just because I had lost my brain did not mean I had to look for it so intently on the ground. Yeesh… But since then, that joke has been withstanding and every time someone sees one of these things, they refer to it as my brain crawling on the ground.

Oh how hilarious!! But come on.. nice analogy.. You could think of my mind as sometimes languid, sometimes vivid, sometimes running in all directions, sometimes jumping from one place to another, and sometimes actually quite interesting to observe, but only to those silly enough to actually stop and examine it...So hey.. If my mind is the red insect, so be it!! :D