Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Whoa.. this place is so so curricular, it’s a wonder it doesn’t burst at the seams! Get this- wake up at around 5, try to study, fail miserably, rush to class which are from 8 to 4:30, go eat, go to the library and study (well that’s what we SHOULD do..), go for dinner, hang out with friends, go study, go gossip, go do time-pass in others' rooms, sleep not earlier than 1a.m. (6 hours of sleep is a luxury around here and 8 is a distant memory...), wake up again at 5a.m... blah blah…. And apart from this, we have homework, CREs (Court room exercises), moot courts, synopses, projects upon projects, snap tests, monthly tests, sports you cannot resist attempting, talent shows and cultural programs you have to prepare for… Oh, did I mention studies!!?? Hehehe I’m soo not used to this.. but be it the now-usual habit of walking, talking, singing, dreaming with friends every night after dinner (‘tis a norm now… ), or sitting and chatting in someone’s room till 1 a.m., or waking up at the crack of dawn by incessant pounding on your door, or trudging to the academic block in the hot sun or strong gale, or imitating hilarious professors, or getting soaked to the bone and enjoying every second of the heavy downpours that are prevalent now in “Sun City” .. This is nice… Really nice…

Friday, August 04, 2006

Divinity defined

Whenever a big hoopla is made about the many religious festivals celebrated here, I get very, very irritated. Cacophony, pollution and glaring lights… this is apparently the best way to celebrate some momentous occasion of whatever god it is that you believe in!! I mean, if this is devout religiousness, why!?? It is so highly commercialized that it’s disturbing! See, as for myself I am not religious in the accepted sense of the word. I don’t believe in the specific gods whose belief is propagated, who preside over us as described in scripture. That is a myth, proliferated merely to satisfy mans inborn need to worship a higher power, to adulate and surrender. I understand that it’s all a question having faith and celebrating it, but my relentless over-practicality in such matters leads me to question- how would people on earth know that the gods came from Heaven and did such and such? Now I have nothing against this… to each his own, but it would make more sense to me to worship something like the sun, the stars, nature!!! These are real entities; great, massive, powerful… This sounds extremely pagan, but it’s so simple, yet maintaining that sense of purity of true worship! We think we have progressed, these powerful gods we create, the rituals, the rules… but we have screwed it up.. made it a protocol. We have gone backwards. The end yields a simple solution and we have obviously not attained that. Today it is organized religion, just another (quite lucrative) industry…

I’m not overly religious. Let’s say I’m in two minds about that… I don’t really believe in “God”, but at the same time I can’t be called an atheist.. one could maybe say I’m almost, but not quite entirely unlike an agnostic. I do believe that there is a higher power than all of us, who planned everything. This is mainly because, as a biology student, when I studied the various body processes, it simply amazed me the way everything fit together so perfectly. Hormones and nerves, kidneys and bones, such vague sounding combinations yet intertwined in a manner simply unbelievable. Everything works together so impeccably and every little detail is so meticulously taken care of that I thought- “This couldn’t have just happened on its own…” So there must be some governing force in our life.. there has to be..

Somewhere along the same lines, as for destiny, sometimes I like to think that I’m way too practical to believe in it.., like how can our paths be predetermined?? One HAS to work to get ahead in life and accomplish anything. Yet I hold that if things are meant to happen, they will… SOME sort of Karma exists in this world of ours, or atleast should... Work is inevitable- we must strive- and if the efforts are in the right direction, we’ll somehow get there.

So I guess I’m kind of a mix-and-match, inadvertently contradicting myself as I so often do.. Well… Now that I’ve jumbled up my words thoroughly, I’m signing off or else I’m destined never to stop!!:)