Friday, July 21, 2006

Sun City... Fun City?

Ah well.. big leap for me.. Hostel for the first time after being pampered at home since forever! Oh yes, for the people who don’t know, it’s NLU (National Law University), JodhpurBombay to Jodhpur.. Yaaah!! A thermophobe like me just HAD to land up in a place which is called Suryanagri (Sun City, for the linguistically challenged..).

But this place is not as bad as I thought it would be.. Admitted it doesn’t hold a candle to Bombay in the “happening” department, but it’s got its own charm. Not as small as I thought it would be too! And contrary to expectation, you can get anything you want, if you know where to look… The bustling old market is too quaint for words…

I was assisted from the beginning by my dad’s distant colleague here in Jodhpur.. He didn’t even know us.. but was so helpful it was unnerving! Going out of his way to help practical strangers and make them feel at home in a strange city when his wife had just delivered their first born, showing us the small by lanes and useful shops and nooks which we wouldn’t have found otherwise… It made me think.. (which is always dangerous)…

Mumbai was recently voted as the rudest city ever, and there was such a huge uproar against it.. We as Mumbaikars felt outraged that we were labeled as rude.. US!?!? No way… But now, what I think is… We were so used to being ‘rude’ and harried all the time that the rudeness had become a part of us.. inculcated in us… We didn’t know we were rude precisely for the fact that we were exactly that… I realized this because the people here are so friendly and polite that it’s startling for someone used to Bombay’s nuances!!! So one feels all weird in the beginning!! :)

All this, plus handling and playing with a baby as delicate as a rose petal and just as beautiful, mojdi shopping, battling the perpetual gale and dust that seems to prevail here and everything, I’m just all muddled!!! Add to this the fact that I abandoned this post in the middle to congregate with 10 other girls in one tiny room to chat about ragging, football, movies and hot guys that maybe you would get a clue as to maybe why that is!!

P.S.- This post was due almost a fortnight ago but I was so so busy that this was just lying on my table gathering dust till I decided very sweetly to bunk studying and type this up…. And now, guilty conscience.. :S

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Birds eye view of the clouds... Sigh...