Thursday, June 29, 2006


Try sucking all the air out of a bag.. let’s make it an airtight one. So now it’s filled with a vacuum..and its obviously totally flat. Now a bag filled with nothing doesn’t seem to be filled with anything... (Hold the duhhs..)

New setting… You’re in space- the mother load of nothing. Take that same bag out there and fill it with nothing. You can make it seem nice and FULL of.. nothing! So even ‘nothing’ can occupy space and obviously outer space is chock-full of nothing… Impossible to imagine on Earth for sure.. atmospheric pressure makes it kinda hard…

So there..My rambling for the day is done… Over and out!

Friday, June 09, 2006

What makes the world go round?

What is happiness? Having what you want, when you want it? So right now, I would be happy and completely fulfilled if I had every thing my heart desired…? (I shall not post the list, it’s way too long). But I am, after all, just 17.. My happiness right now does not necessarily translate into my happiness in the future, because what we want keeps changing with time.

If you think about it, it’s best to be a baby.. You don’t actually want anything but so amazed are you at the things you can (and do) get that you’re pretty much always happy………. For a while.. Then you grow up, you want things, and when you can’t have them, Gloom……

We all want to be happy, but at the same time, we also don’t. Not consciously of course, or else one would virtually be tagged a freak for wanting to be unhappy! Technically, when we’re happy, we are usually contented. We like the present situation and don’t want it to change. But that can’t happen… It’s when we’re unhappy that something actually gets done- priorities are realized, reality is grasped, determination to strive is gained… It’s actually unhappiness that makes the world go round. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as the adage, ‘Love makes the world go round’, does it? But it’s true, at least most of the time…

(Written by one of the mysterious personas that apparently float around me and enter my mind sometimes when I sit down and put pen to paper...)

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Why am I doing this to myself? The one thing that I do not want to think about, which makes me burn from within- why does it have to float on the surface of the murky sea of thoughts that exists in my mind?? The more I try to forget about it, the more I fail to do so…

As I lie in bed, I’m writing this down because I’m unable to sleep.. Not a new experience and not really surprising, considering all I did today, but this is specifically because of that one stupid thing that fails to find it’s way out of my head. I’m so tired… but the moment I close my eyes, nothing else comes to mind but that.

As my mind simultaneously also jumps from one thing to another, I see a large letter “L” lying on its side. More letters join it to form a word that can be read by tilting your head to the left.. The word is LANDMINE. Why..? But appropriate, huh? I just might go off with one more step!

I hate this.. Why am I doing this to myself..? I need to let this go, and quick..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Water baby

Ah the rains are here again!! I love the rain, I really do.. Come this time of the year and it’s perpetually cool, pleasant…The world outside looks as soft as the clouds in the sky.. The sun is hidden (just the way I like it), the world is fresh, and everything is green, yes, even in Mumbai!! I love this season!!

The sound of the heavy downpour, the impaired vision out the window because of the curtain of rain.. Divine..

I look out the window and see the water dripping from the leaves of the coconut tree, the usually brazen drenched crows crowding for cover, the adorable little kitten getting terrified of the huge puddles in the road.. Sigh…

Now the other window… The sea getting violent, huge waves roaring, the fishing boats bobbing about wildly, the beautiful effect of the combination of the grim sky and raging waters... Gorgeous..

There are few things that can be compared to getting soaked in the rain.. It’s such a delight! Provided you’re not carrying important books or the like… Football in the rain, running around, carrying an umbrella to placate mom but discarding it the moment you’re out of her sight… Come the rains and I’m a total kid again!! Just like the pleasure of gorging on piping hot pakodas and coffee when it’s pouring outside is unparalleled! After the harsh summer, I always await this time of the year so impatiently… I’m so going to miss it all…

P.S.- Ok sometimes the rain can get annoying, especially when it floods the roads or halts trains, hence canceling plans.. But the pros outweigh the cons! Well sometimes at least.. Yup you got it, I’m adding this post script because my plans just got cancelled!:)