Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Opal got kissed...

I’ve not read “Sloppy firsts” or “Second Helpings” and don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. I have no clue whether the novel in question was actually written by Kaavya Viswanathan or handled by those ‘book packagers’ everyone seems to be talking about, but I actually enjoyed reading “How Opal Mehta got kissed, got wild and got a life”! Admittedly, I picked it up mainly because of my curiosity born out of the hype surrounding it, but I was pleasantly surprised!

It’s a fun read.. Laugh-out-loud hilarious in places. Contemporary story, with obvious stereotypes of most characters. Quite a refreshing new twist on the old ‘Indian in the U.S.’ story. Not exactly a book to read umpteen times but a nice time-pass, candy floss one. And very cute! Too bad it’s embroiled in controversy.. Whoever wrote it, it’s well written.

P.S.- For those few guys who actually read, beware as this is hardcore chick lit!! :)


raghu said...

haha...u noe wat? da sales of da book near da station n in shops dat sell pirated stuff has increased 10 folds after its bin withdrawn n i read it after it got withcrawn..god mumbai rox!!.. n so do u buy original books ,library or jus 50 bucks 4 a book(like me!!!) :)

Divya said...

Seriously!! I got it from the station myself, after it was withdrawn! Lol curiosity na..
Oh me and books is a long drawn love affair.. Sometimes I go nuts and make an impulse buy of a book for 500 bucks (!) and other times it's raste ka maal:)

Divya said...

And ya.. I go to the library so often that the people there get amused every time i walk in! Hahaha!

raghu said...

oh hav u reda argumentative indian by amartya sen?its awesome atleast the startin ...abou hw much indians talk!!
u noe wat my frnd bpught dat book 4 625 bucks cos he cunt find one near da station... n 2 days later i got it 4 150 bucks...dat dude is embrassed nw!!
hw much v tease him abou it!!

Divya said...

No not yet..though it is on my list, along with Shantaram and SO many others!