Sunday, May 07, 2006

Of Peanuts, sheep and political scandals!

It started with a Peanuts puchline... Chatting online with my friend Marc, it went on to mind boggling nonsense, just the way I like it! Here's a sample..

Me: Maybe it's better to have lost your sheep than never to have had any sheep at all.. Hahaha Peanuts!
Marc: At least you can report to the government to have a reimbursement eventually, when that sheep's 6th generation is around!
Me: Ya but all the red tape to prove the ancestry of that 6th generation... naah..
Marc: Oh the 6th generation would be generous enough to donate the money to PM's relief fund without checking how much it was.
Me: But no.. the agony of having their wool shorn off over the centuries would have turned them bitter towards mankind! Might donate to SPCA though...
Marc: SPCA? Sheep .. P C Associations?
Me: Oh even better!! Hahahahahaha SPCS!
Marc: Nah, but then there would be more incidents of kidnapping of Sheep if they make such a move, specially by the babus, and politicians.
Me: But why would they be bothered by their donation to SPCS? They would have Maneka Gandhi's support though.
Marc: No, Maneka Gandhi cannot extend support as long as she's in opposition. And SPCS is not a scheduled OBC organization.
Me: It can become 1 sans much effort.. babus will be too busy handling revolting anti mandal med students to oppose it..
Marc: No no, but the prob is sheep did booo baaah once in the anti Mandal protests, and the babus have noticed it all. So the sheep might as well decide to donate the amount to Babu Welfare fund.
Me: But water cannons won't work on them because their wool soaks it all up so they have a chance, albeit sodden!

What nonsense!! Hahahaha!

And for those who like to read a deeper meaning into everything, even stuff like this, consider this- Most of our politicians nowadays are bakras anyway! :)


raghu said...

okayzz....ill display my height of nonsense...dis was a mail sent 2 rjhns yahoo grp on da last day of skool
[rajhans07] arnab..baru likes u ........and u like him and yeah B@LL$ TO YOU -0-0- <-------balls
i m raja
i sent u a mail
dat u r a male
so hi i m raghu
and i m in your class
your structure then
wat??did u say hen
how do you pass a function in which bappi lahiri is
we split him
and use extern

u shud hav lil c++ knowledge 4 dis..lol...arnab n barus name apear only in da subject...u c..no 1 read da mail otherwise...

sun4none said...

raghu.. you competing with the content in this blog man? no way dude... ur mail's no where near the content in ths blog! :P .. k/d div!

the hoverer said...

great stuff

total nonsense.

the only question in mind is:

who came first the babu or the sheep?