Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ice Age 2

A hilarious sequel in which we see our beloved mammoth, sloth and saber-toothed tiger, not to mention the squirrel-like ‘nutty’ Scrat. This time, all the creatures are threatened with a grave problem- global warming. So the journey for escape from the impending flood begins, with the company of two mischievous possums; Manny the mammoth finds love with another mammoth who thinks she’s a possum too (?), the nutty creature goes to new lengths to procure his prize, and oh so many more riotous bits! Whether this one is better than the first is debatable, but it's just 90 minutes of unadorned fun and mirth!

My rating- 8.5/10


sneha said...

hmm.. dying to see this one!! the first one was jus pure fun!!