Saturday, May 27, 2006


A deep heartfelt movie which deals with love, terrorism and sacrifice.

The story begins with a blind Kashmiri girl, Zooni (Kajol), leaving the security of her parents’ home for a trip to Delhi for a dance recital with her friends.

There she meets and falls in love with the zestful and incorrigible tour guide, Rehaan (Aamir Khan). After an emotional and whirlwind romance and a few apprehensions, they are to get married. While Zooni undergoes an operation to restore her sight, she gets the news that Rehaan has perished in a bomb blast at the Rashtrapati Bhavan where she had sent him for an errand. She is devastated and returns to Kashmir.

Meanwhile, we get to know that not only is Rehaan alive, but is an integral part of a terrorist group intent on obtaining a Kashmir free from either Indian or Pakistani influence. His love for Zooni haunts him but he sacrifices his feelings to carry out his mission. As a poignant twist of fate, when injured on an assignment, he lands up at Zooni’s house a whole seven years after his supposed death to discover his ever strong feelings for her, as well as a son he never knew he had. After a brief façade, the truth is revealed, the couple reunited and a seemingly happy end draws close. But the terrorist aspect looms over them, leading to a shocking and unfortunate conclusion which discloses the torn mind of a heartbroken wife.

Aamir is as flawless as ever, beautifully portraying the balance between the love for a woman and his mission. His transformation from a jovial tour guide to a pitiless militant seems almost effortless, with both facets seeming extremely realistic. Kajol, after her sabbatical from the film industry, has brilliantly portrayed the character of an innocent blind girl, who finds true love only to lose it rapidly and unexpectedly regain it after a lot of mental turmoil. She looks gorgeous and her performance is faultless. In addition, Rishi Kapoor has done well as the protective father.

The only faults I found were a few trivial things, which on considering seem a little illogical. For example, a naïve blind girl completely trusting a stranger she has just met and spending an entire day alone with him. Or the blatant flirting that Rehaan does, even as he is introduced as the tour guide. Definitely glib and fun to watch, just not very realistic. Not to mention the miraculous and instantaneous recovery of the eyesight of a girl, who has been blind since birth.

An emotional movie, Fanaa has a good plot, skillful cinematography and breathtaking locations. Definitely worth a watch.

My rating- 8/10

(Yes, I am on what could be called a movie spree.. 4 movies in 4 days.. I think I'll lay off for a bit..)


Manish said...

Came here from Orkut! Nice review, Aamir & Kajol look grt in promos !
Hope to see this one soon.

Nero said...

I'm surprised you managed to get tickets for DVC and Fanaa.. :D

nishu said...

hye thanks a lot im yet to watch it

Divya said...

Nero, a firm determination to have loads of fun after a particularly gruelling round of exams,coupled with the news that I've got admission into an amazing university can accomplish a lot:D!!

MeBlogger said...

heard from a friend, the movie is really boring. But really don't want to believe this as I am fan of Yash Chopra movies :(