Friday, May 26, 2006

The Da Vinci Code: Movie

Based on the book by Dan Brown, this movie turns out to be quite disappointing... Director Ron Howard certainly has tried to replicate the book, but has failed to capture the intrigue and emotion that surfaces when the book is read.

The movie begins with the brutal murder of the curator of the Louvre, and his desperate attempt to pass on an ancient secret, preserved for centuries by a secret society. This leads to an elaborate chain of events, involving a renowned professor of symbology (Tom Hanks) and a French cryptographer (Audrey Tautou), culminating in a massive cryptic hunt for the ultimate apocryphal cache- The Holy Grail.

Performance-wise the movie is almost flawless except for the ever bankable Tom Hanks, who is surprisingly wooden in playing his role. What really bothered me was the omission of so many elements in the book, as well as addition of new items that, if examined, don't make too much sense. Howard would have done better if he had just stuck to the original script of the book.

Overall an average movie... Worth seeing once to satisfy one's curiosity and finding fault after:)

My rating- 7/10

(Somewhat scathing review since I loved the book so very much and the movie turned out to be more disappointing than I thought it would be. A movie is never as good as the book it's based on.. But, oh well....)

30th May, 2006- Another group of friends dragged me to see this AGAIN!! Now i like it even less and my rating is now 6.5/10


nishu said...

it often happens g8 books give not so g8 movies

Sue said...

hei..agreed DVC was an awesome book..but i dont really accept ur stand on the movie not being that gud..the movie was made in a very realistic way..but i guess its each man to his own opinion eh?
otherwise gud review ;)..!!