Saturday, April 01, 2006

A whole new world!

The lift in my building recently decided to go on hiatus, thus the terrace has been opened to allow people to go through adjoining wings. Whenever this happens, no matter how much of a hurry I am in, I take a minute and go to my favourite part of the terrace and of in fact the whole society… the part which has an absolutely magnificent view. I stand there and marvel at the sprawling 180 degree spectacle of the Arabian sea- or as I like to refer to it, My Beach. My Beach is gorgeous, especially during sunset and twilight…. The sand, the water… they lose their dirty quality which exists in reality and become this dream world of mine… Toward my extreme left, the old world lighthouse and rustic fishing boats returning with their daily catch, and to my extreme right, the five star beachside hotels with their elegant buildings and perfect swimming pools. And in the middle, a mixture of normal residential societies like mine and the gracious olden style villas and bungalows, with the gentle waves washing to shore… And in the distance, the water stretches, the horizon is distant, and one can make out that it is curved… It is beautiful… I breathe in the salty air, the wind blowing back my hair, my arms outstretched.. I am a part of this and this is a part of me.. Time stops...It is breathtakingl.. It is my world.. So as anyone can imagine, I long for my lift to become cranky more often so that My Beach is again open to me!!


!! kari !! said...

hey divz... done an awesome job on ur blog!! gr8 goin.truely agree n njoied what u wrote abt the beach!! very interestin n so true.
keep up the gud work
biii !!