Monday, April 10, 2006


Outrageous is not the word to describe this. The Mandal II report is unbelievable! 50% reservation for SCs, STs is way too much!! For a good cause, sure why not? But this compromises the chances of so many others! Lowering the cutoff for these minorities does make some kind of sense but how beneficial can it be in the long run? I mean, if you consider top medical institutes for one, these people have a chance of getting in even with poor performance in the exams and moreover, there are now all these extensive reservations. Now how would they be able to cope with the entire regular syllabus and compete with their ‘upper caste’ counterparts, who got in through pure merit and have proved they have the mettle to be there? There may be some special cutoffs for them even there; I wouldn’t know. But what kind of doctors would they make in the end? Not to generalize, but with all this special treatment, finally a not-quite up to the mark doctor is produced. Another deserving applicant could have obtained that seat instead isn’t it?

It’s hard enough to get into reputed institutes in any field nowadays, what with all the competitive entrance exams and staggering student to seat ratio and this just makes it a hell of a lot more difficult. Less seats, more competition.. finally a loss to the open category students- even those who deserve the seats. Why? Because the government suddenly felt a need to do something for the minority categories…?