Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tweet tweet, and I'm asleep!

Why can’t I sleep at night? I’ve always had this problem- insomniac since I was a baby. Ok fine, acceptable, most kids are cranky.. but this is ridiculous! I’ve tried it all- sleeping on my back, sleeping on my front, sleeping on my side. Sleeping with the window open, sleeping with the window closed. Sleeping with the fan on, sleeping with the fan off. And combinations of all the above. But no. And what’s the reason for this, you ask? I think too much. That’s right; this whole melee of thoughts jumbled up and intertwined, running through my head all night, graciously granting me a few hours of sleep, a looong time after I go to bed.

I should do something about this you say? Maybe I should try yoga, sleep therapy or just try to be more positive? My preferred method (if it were possible) would be the pipe method. That’s something along the lines of—I take this narrow bored pipe and screw it into the side of my head, just above my ear (my right ear, to be precise). I hold a jar beneath the pipe and tilt my head till all my thoughts flow into the jar, which is then capped and kept in the refrigerator (to keep my thoughts fresh, of course!). Then the pipe is removed and I have a blissful sleep punctuated by pleasant dreams-those manage to stay in there somehow and I don’t mind that. Then, come next morning and once again the pipe goes in my head, the jar is removed, and my thoughts are carefully poured back in (this time I use a funnel). Then out comes the pipe and my thoughts are free to bounce around in there all day! And this would happen every night…

Sounds cumbersome huh? But for a sound beauty sleep- worth it!!

P.S.- Reading this now, I wonder what was wrong with me when I wrote this. But then again, it was the middle of yesterday night when this idea was insistently bombarding my skull, which made me get up and write it down- just for my peace of mind. And now it seems just crazy enough to share over here! Can you believe this? Then again, if you've actually read this till all the way down here, you probably can! Hahahaha sleep tight folks!


Anshuman said...

It's weird but ditto 4 me.Sometimes i feel sleepy and just wen i reach bed my mind is so full of things i can hardly sleep. Each nite i wait for the sleep 2 arrive. Interestingly there are times in the mornin wen sleep comes to me instanteneously even though i dont want to sleep.

Divya said...

Exactly! Waiting for sleep when you actually are sleepy is soo agonizing! But.... sometimes, I get a glimpse of books i have to study and I'm out like a light!:)