Sunday, April 09, 2006

Is it just me?

Me- I have this thing for bikes.. I love bikes; I think they’re really hot. I don’t actually know their working or anything; I just love them in the aesthetic sense. Whenever I’m in transit and get bored, I start bike watching and totally involve the person who is with me- “Oh look; an Eliminator!”, or “Check out that Karizma, how cool!”.. This has been with me for quite a while, but not too many people knew about it… My mom thinks I’m totally zapped.. “A girl who loves bikes, what next?” she says. Out of my friends who do know now, 90% of the girls think I’m totally psyched! Hahahaha! Their expression when I get started on this is hilarious! They think- “Poor thing, she’s lost her mind”. The guys, on the other hand, think it’s cool. Impassive reaction I receive, along with comments of their own on bikes. Much better…. Let me illustrate my point- The other day on the way to the bus stop, I saw a Suzuki Hayabusa zoom by!! Awesome!!! At that instant I received a call from my friend and the first thing I said to her was, “Guess what, I saw a Hayabusa!!!” Her reaction-“Eh? What’s that?” On further explanation she said- “Oh whatever… Come on!”. Later when I told the same thing to a guy friend, he went-“Hey cool! Where?”. Poles apart… But whatever it is, I love shocking people when I suddenly start shooting my mouth off about bikes, because I know it’s relatively unusual! You’ve got to see it to know how much fun it is!! But I take pride in knowing that because of me, a very cynical friend of mine has converted and she jabbers away with me about bikes! Open your eyes girls… maybe you will see what I’m talking about.


anindita mitra said...

gr888 article...
bikes rule the day and will always do so...n 4 those who dont think so..they can zoooooom out of da window!!!!!!!

raghu said...

saw an hayabusa on friday..jus 2 make u jealous!