Friday, April 14, 2006

Cho chweet!

Rang de Basanti was amazing wasn't it? Loved it.. inspiring, entertaining with fantastic acting and a spectacular music score!

I knew Aamir Khan would be really good..no doubt. And me; I'm a Kunal Kapoor fan. But even exceeding these two, i loved Siddharth's performance. Was beautiful and heartfelt.. Only flaw is he smoked way too much but, oh well, i guess the character called for that.

Siddharth was quite good in Boys as well, but this performance really took the cake! He looked so cute, so innocent, so naive… But then he had to stand up for society, against the government, against corruption. He looked so confused, so much in doubt, so brooding, so rebellious, that it would make anyone want to go over to him and just console him saying, “There there, it’s going to be all right”. Too good…Hopelessly endearing.. And he’s adorable too.. What a combination!!



I completely agree with you Divya.I think SIDDHARTH really absolutely ROCKS in the movie! Nice write up.