Monday, April 17, 2006

Blah blah...

Yesterday- utterly ridiculous! Had planned to see Munich but nothing was confirmed- I so hate that, I need to have tickets in advance, just for my peace of mind! Ok so finally it was confirmed that we would actually go, then we ended up reaching the theatre 2 minutes before the show was to begin! That's cutting it way too close.. Needless to say, we did not get the tickets... Big surprise, considering the movie had released 2 days ago and it was a Sunday night, never mind that it was Easter Sunday as well..... Then we tried our best to try to make alternate plans but failed oh-so-miserably! One guy had come for this all the way from Powai to Juhu and was cursing the indecisive person responsible for this mess, and I don't blame him! The both of us spent the better part of our time together making the guilty party feel more and more guilty, till we finally decided to give him a break. But that poor guy had to go all the way back to Powai having done nothing!!! Then to top it all, having forced my friend to drive me home (the one at fault here so I didn't feel too bad about that), it took us almost 90 minutes to reach home, whereas it usually takes 10 minutes!!! Freakish traffic.... What a waste of a Sunday night!!!
Miami Ink is a really cool show.. The whole scene is just so radical!
It's about a tattoo shop opened by 4 friends, along with 1 apprentice, and shows how they manage their business along with their personal life. Interesting clients, awesome camaraderie between the guys and fantastic tattoos!
Oh dear lord... This was said by The Times of India to be an ultimately dull blog and that's such a MAJOR understatement!! Zzzzz....


raghu said...

oh hav u cin the tatoo i got done in goa?
taws not permanant.. but was nice :)