Thursday, March 30, 2006

Am I...?

Sometimes, when I least expect it, I get this strange thought.... and when I do I actually have to stop what im doing and ponder it over. It strikes me- I'm here. I'm alive. I'm actually on this earth along with millions of people like myself, going about life's activities. Or am I? Is this even real? Is this maybe the manifestation of someone's dream or imagination? Maybe any minute now that person will wake up and everything we know will vanish in a puff of logic... Which seems pretty much like me saying- What is real and what's not? Then I regain my senses and go about doing whatever it was I stopped, till the next time this notion comes floating back in my head to perturb me again for a while... this... who knows, maybe the reality......?


Marc said...

Tis called Quarter Life Crisis, as one of the forward mails, which caught my eye for a change, mentions! Kidding!

You get these bouts of airy nothings at times, which're sort of phases in life...

Even this shall pass!

Anshuman said...

I was reminded of Matrix when i read this. But try thinking this instead: What is the purpose of ur life when there are millions other like u?

raghu said...

i always feel the cricket ball hit by dhoni is more important dan me!!!
at least its watched by a millon ppl ...:(..whoaaaaan v r nothin but a mere speck of dust in this univerese.... yet v hav it in us 2 make a difference n capabilty 2 move a mountain... n yes v r real...unless declared integer!!
or v may b gods dream...n god himself our dream...n an illusion of destiny

sun4none said...

dude... my thoughts these!